Why You Should Consider A Folding Treadmill

Purchasing a fold up treadmill, as opposed to a stationary model, can offer many advantages.

While all portable models are not alike, there are some highly rated products on the market, like the Sole F85 model, which is rated as a consumer best buy. There are also many cheaper alternatives available, for example at Walmart. A portable product should offer quality, reliability, and choices, just as stationary models provide. A treadmill folding model can also provide years of service.

Consider the advantages of the F85 treadmill below.

1. Do You Like to Keep Rooms Uncluttered?

A fold away treadmill is the best solution for keeping a room uncluttered.

It can then be stored under the bed, in a closet, or in a corner, away from view. A cluttered room looks smaller and gives the impression of being closed in. A treadmill that folds and is only extended when in use is less likely to make the user feel closed in, particularly in a room with limited space.

Folding treadmills are the ideal solution for apartments with limited space. Most people who live in apartments want to take advantage of portable products and devices, so they don’t feel like they’re living in highly confined spaces. A fold up treadmill allows fitness enthusiasts to utilize space for other portable fitness equipment, like ab machines, weights, resistance machines, and exercise bikes.

With a folding treadmill, you can make the most of a small space or room, that might otherwise go unused. A sun room, small office space, or hidden corner can be used as an exercise space and can be converted to an office space later. After selecting the folding treadmill, simply locate a folding desk or workspace, to make the space truly multifunctional.

Taking a road trip does not mean sacrificing a workout routine. If you travel in an RV or camper, the fold up treadmill can easily be taken on the road.

You won’t have to worry about missing out on a daily fitness routine or sacrificing conditioning.

2. A Folding Treadmill with Quality Parts

Though a folding treadmill offers many advantages, you still want a product that will last.

Finding a model with quality parts, like the Sole F85, means you will still be able to rely on the machine for years to come. The F85 comes with a heavy duty 4 horsepower motor and can take the user to speeds of 12 mph. The capacity of this model is 400 lbs, which means it’s designed to last.

Heavy duty rollers allow the machine to be moved from one space to another.

3. Features Similar to Stationary Models

A fold away treadmill does not have to skimp on features.

Stationary models come with pre-programmed routines and the ability to customize the workout. A good folding model will offer similar benefits. The F85 by Sole offers a fully functional digital screen and many options for programming. The digital screen provides feedback for time, distance, speed, heart rate, pace, and calories burned.

It also incorporates built in speakers and an outlet for an mp3 player, so you can have your favorite workout tunes just like you want.

4. Larger Capacity and Larger Surface

A heavy duty machine is desirable for those who want a treadmill to last.

The F85 is ideal for families with multiple users. It is also designed for taller users, with a long commercial sized belt and a 22 inch wide surface. The deck is designed to absorb shock, with the cushion flex system.

This system also helps reduce noise, which is a great feature for use in apartments and smaller living spaces.

5. Comfort and Convenience Features

To make control of workouts easier, the incline adjustment controls are built into the arm rests.

The machine also features built in cooling fans.

For a folding treadmill, the F85 is loaded with extras that users will be sure to enjoy.

6. Professional Looking Machine

Though the Sole F85 is a folding treadmill, it offers a professional look, similar to that of commercial machines in gyms and fitness clubs.

It will look good, whether you have a home gym space or simply want to use part of a room for workouts. The professionally welded frame and larger rollers contribute to the professional build of the machine.

You can read folding treadmill reviews, to compare features, capacity, construction, and prices.

You will find that the Sole F85 folding treadmills offer quality similar to commercial machines, at about a third of the cost. The F85 is a work horse that gives users an experience similar to working out in a fitness club or gym, but in the privacy of the home or office. The additional features focus on convenience and offering many choices for users, just like professional models.

The only difference, is that the F85 model can be stored away when not in use and is designed to save space.

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