Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy is something that we all definitely need. This is why we (at are committed to yours and have created this Privacy Policy.

Your privacy is definitely important to us and that is why we always take a very serious responsibility to ensure it is kept safe. This means that we store and protect your data so that it is safe, but also so that you know it is able to be used on our site to better your experience.

Customer and Membership Information

The account information that we request from you such as your address, name, phone number, credit card, or even payment information.

We want you to know that we will never sell or rent this to any third parties. It will only be used for providing services to you on our site.

Email Privacy

Our site,, uses special subscription forms in order to be able to process requests for information that you might have, and in order to help alert you to our mailings and newsletters.

We collect information like your name or email address, or those types of things, to be able to provide you with what you requested, but never give this information to third parties.

Confirm Opt-In

We give you the change to confirm the opt-in opportunity for lists like email and newsletters that you want to be able to receive.

We will need to use your email to be able to confirm who you are, but this is only to prove the validity of the address. You must reply to this in order to complete the subscription, but also to show us your desire to be on the list. If at any time you wish to change your subscription, please visit the appropriate page. You can also unsubscribe from the email that you are using now in order to add a new address to subscribe to.

You can also easily unsubscribe from any of our lists such as those for email or newsletters, which will remove you from the list.

The instructions for this are normally listed at the bottom of the email or newsletter.

User/Client/Member Communications

When you send your email to us, or any other type of communication, you need to know we might retain these. We do this so that we can process any requests you have faster, and to enhance your quality of service. By doing this, you are classified as someone whom we have transactional relationships with. This means that we may need to be able to communicate with you occasionally for service and products we offer.

We will retain your email address to provide contact information when you make purchases at the “Shop” Tab In this example, you will be classified as someone who engages in transactional relationships with us. This means that we have a relationship that exists for a defined period of time. You will be able to contact us for products and services you purchase on our Site. This includes our email service, a price list and the Price list Box and all or part of our personalized Price List Matrix.

Information and Data We Collect

At times, we may actually need to collect data from you in order to help you register and stay in the loop with things that we offer.

This information are things like your name, postal address, email address, phone numbers, and other types of things. We may combine this with third party data, but will not allow that third party access to this information. We also use cookies in order to be able to provide you with a perfect quality of experience, and to learn how our services can improve our own services. This is why we want you to know that our services might at times record things like your IP address, activity on the server, your country of origin, language type, user sessions, page views, operating system, access times and dates, and your domain name.

We do this to help be able to diagnose any problems you have, as well as deliver our services to you.

Uses of Collected Information

Information that you have provided us may or may not be used in order to further our own research, analyses our operations, and also to improve the services and products that we offer.

This helps us develop new types of things as well. Non-aggregated personal information may be used in order to do this, as well as to work with third party affiliates. When we do this, we allow third parties to assist us with things like what is in your shopping cart as they are normally the providers of this type of thing, but we ensure that they not only agree with our privacy policy, but have one in place as well. We may also use certain information regarding legal circumstances.

This will be in the event of preventing yourself or us from imminent harm, fraud, or to ensure our security in terms of services and network.

We might also conduct small surveys based on this information to improve the services that we offer.


Any links that you see on our page that lead to third party sites will not be covered under our own privacy policy.

While we make attempts to ensure that these links are active, we cannot be held liable or responsible for the things that you might see on these pages. This is why we recommend that you review the policies that these pages have in place. Our site may also provide certain links that allow us to track what you do on our site, and where you go from our site to enhance your experience and our services.

Advertising Conditions and Terms

In order to serve ads on our site we use a complicated mixture of third party and internal advertising companies.

This is based on your personal information, but not information that will be given out. In order to track how effective we are on this site we will allow these companies to use information based on your visits in order to serve ads that are relevant. The information that we will collect in these circumstances will be things like cookie and historical data, geographical location, IP address, and other non personal information.

We will never provide personal information of yours to people, however, but be aware that by interacting with ads, you may be providing advertisers to solicit you with offers or services.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google and other third party vendors might use cookies in order to serve ads on our web site. These DART cookies let them serve ads based on the types of things you do on the site, as well as what you do when visiting our site and other sites. You can easily opt out of these types of cookies by visiting You may also choose to opt out of any third party vendor cookies by visiting

Security Management and Data Security

Our site has very good security measure in place to help protect against any loss, alteration, or misuse of information that we have within our control.

Things that fall into this category are management procedures, as well as special training for anybody who directly works in our database. We always take measures to ensure that this data is protected against any unauthorized access of data, as well as the physical security of any data that we store.

We always restrict access to this data so that only those such as employees, agents, and contractors who need it can use it to innovate, deliver, and operate our services.

Notification of Changes

We may at times change and update our Privacy Policy for

When this happens, we will put a notice out to any email subscribers saying that we did, as well as the date of the change. However, please be aware that if you have changed your email or opted out of emails, you will not receive this. These are important only if we have made any substantial changes to our site. This is why it is good practice for you to occasionally check our changes on our site.

However, you can easily choose to either submit or not submit information to us as it is your choice, but be aware that making these changes if we are able to provide our services to you.

We regularly update our Site to respond to our users’ requests and suggestions. We recommend that you visit our Features and News area for information on what is happening on the site.

Changes in this Site

We will make changes to this Site. These may include new content, new categories, new categories being split, changes to criteria used to determine eligibility for certain products and services, changes to pages that have been given lower status, etc. We encourage you to check back regularly to see what we are up to.

Legal Disclaimer

We do make every effort on our part to ensure that your privacy is protected.

However, please be aware that at times, we have to provide your information to local law enforcement, or because we have a belief that providing this information is vital to complying with law enforcement, or other regulations. This will also go to show that we have the right to protect ourselves against legal claims.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions that you might have about this statement, or even what is done on this site, please contact us!

We will do our best to answer your questions.

The last day we updated this Privacy Policy was Feb 12, 2021 at 03:52.