Terms of Use

Yay! You visited our Terms of Use page! The portents told us you would do this one day!

Actually, it was our lawyers; they made it so you had to visit, but no matter the reason, thank you for coming. This page is important because it shows you all of the laws in place to keep us safe, but also so that you do not find yourself in any trouble while cruising out elite information. At first we thought this page was completely pointless, but it turns out it is valuable and so you need to read it. Be smart and understand that this page is not just for show, but also rather of immense importance.

Thanks again for reading it! You will keep yourself out of jail or from having to pay fines by doing so.

The deal here is that you need to understand that we run this site, www.besttreadmillsforhome.net, so that you and anybody like you can simply use it for entertainment. We write about many things including but not limited to Sole fitness, Sole F85, and treadmills in general.

This means that you can use it for informational purposes as well, and even for educational, cybergratification, and communication purposes. This means that you should feel free to browse around all you would like, download from the site, and have a blast here. However, be sure that you do not use it for anything commercially; it is only for personal non-commercial use. If you do use it and think that it is okay to steal it and mess with our copyrights, therefore messing with us, you are going to hear from our lawyers.

This means that you are not allowed to reuse, repost, retransmit, republish, or redo anything from our page unless we give you express permission to.

By visiting our site, www.besttreadmillsforhome.net, you are also legally obligated to obey and read our terms and conditions that we have so thoughtfully listed for you below. We even numbered them! They are all important and pertain not only to us, but any information that applies to the law of our site, the World Wide Web, your High School, the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Internet.

If you have any problem with that you need to go away because you really cannot be here, and once you agree to these terms there is no chance of being able to go back. Ever. (Evil laughter)

Behold! The Ten Terms of Use Commandments!

Let’s get started…

1. This stuff is ours!

The information on this page is ours, now yours, so you can only use it for personal things.

We do not want to see it anywhere else on the Internet, at all, for any reason. You cannot use it without our permission, so do not try because we will find out. Our lawyers probably will not let us allow you to use it. This applies to anything that is copyrighted to our site.

2. Be smart and show diligence when using our information.

Just because we post something on this page does not mean that it is true.

You might find that stuff on our page is damaging if you do it, or that is fabricated. It is all meant for entertainment in fun, so please keep that in mind. Do not risk anything if it appears dangerous, and know that you cannot hold us liable or responsible for anything that happens to you because of the information on this page.

If you summon an evil turtle from the abyss, we cannot be blamed, although we would love pictures.

3. We are not responsible for you!

Anybody who helped us produce, create, or otherwise deliver and work with us on this page is not going to be held responsible for anything that happens to you if you use it.

This means that any direct, indirect, punitive, consequential, or other damages cannot be held against us, as we do not have a warranty for you, express or implied. Everything that you see on this site is “as is” and should be taken as such. You should be aware that some jurisdictions might exclude some of the above information, so if you reside in these areas please check your local laws and regulations to be sure about them, and whether or not there are any express or implied liabilities that you need to know about.

What this means is that if you are searching about and browsing on our site, we are not going to be held responsible for any viruses or scary things that you come across, or that cause you damage. Proceed at your own risk; here be dragons!

4. Don’t share embarrassing or private things!

There are always going to be things that you really do not want other people to know about.

These things should not be posted in a chat, on a forum, or any type of bulletin space or discussion area. If you do decide to disclose these things to us, however, we feel no shame in using them for our nefarious purposes. This is because it becomes our property, yay! We have the right to share, disclose, manufacture, develop, or market anything that you put up. This includes things like super important secrets that you need to not share, concepts, items of expertise, ideas, or any awesome techniques that you know. In short, just know that we are able to do whatever we want with anything that you post on our site, so do not post it if you do not want the world to know about it!

We will tell the world about it.

5. Everything on our site is ours, not yours!

Any pictures, videos, or things that you see on this site belong to other people that allow us to use them, or they belong to us.

No matter who owns it, you do not own it under any circumstances. This means that you and your friends are under no circumstance allowed to take these things and use them for any reason without our permission, which we will not grant. Be careful about what you use, keep it to yourself, and do not force us to unleash the Lawyers of Wrath upon you.

6. Leave all logos, service marks, and trademarks alone.

Anything that you see on this site is owned by us or someone else that lets us use it, and will have the above-mentioned things imprinted on it.

This means that you have no right or license to change these, use them, or manipulate them. These logos, service marks, and trademarks must be left in their happy digital habitat or we will go berserk. We will find you and press charges, or something like that, and our lawyers will have a heyday with you.

You cannot touch these things because they belong to us, our affiliates, or the magical beings who we are friends with.

7. There may be dragons on those links! Beware!

Use due diligence whenever you link out of our site with a link that you find.

You never know what might be hiding there. You might find that you have invited monsters into your computer, or contracted a virus that changes all your files of the annoying songs. Be careful about what you do, but also be sure to note that we do not take responsibility and are not liable for anything that you see on our site, or for what happens when you use it.

You are browsing at your own risk.

8. Do not threaten us, or think that you can hold is liable for our page.

There are going to be times when we listen to your cute conversations, some of which are downright horrible, and when we may spy on you in a chat or forum.

This is our right and it is mostly harmless. However, we are not going to ever be held responsible for anything that you encounter on our page that is defined as libel, defamation, slander, omissions, horrible lies, obscenity, pornography, or any types of mistakes. You cannot hold us responsible for these things, or what they do for you and your family, if you let them look. In addition to this, please be sure to note that you are not allowed to post anything at all that might be threatening, unlawful, libelous, inflammatory, defamatory, obscene, nasty, pornographic, pictures of you eating food, scandalous, or otherwise inappropriate on our site.

If we find anything like this and actually feel threatened or endangered, we will bring the full of the law, our lawyers, our ninjas and assassins, and the entire world down upon you.

Be careful what you post and keep it clean and respectful or we will have to press charges and stuff.

9. Certain people are not allowed to be here!

Anything that you see on this site is actually protected by lovely and helpful US Patriotic Laws.

This means that if you live or are vacationing in any of the following places, or sending information to those in these places that you will be in trouble. These places are North Korea, Syria, Iran, and Iraq, Cuba, Libya and any places where the US has goods that are embargoed. In addition, anybody who is on the US Treasury Department or Commerce Departments Table of Deny orders, or Specially Designated nationals, is not allowed to view this site or use our programs.

If you happen to be part of any of these groups, you are also not allowed to use our site, so please leave, thanks!

10. We can change our own page, woo!

It should not have to be said, but we really do have the right to change our web page whenever we want to.

This should not come as a coincidence at all, but we have to tell you. This also means that you have to stick to the changes that we make and abide by them.

11. This is what happens when we fight.

If one of us decides that we want to sue one another, then there are certain things that we have to abide by.

This means that we are agreeing to the rules listed in the Geneva Convention that revolve around disputes. These changes and the agreement for this type of thing is governed and dealt with in the United Kingdom, in London. This disregards any other laws or regulations that might conflict. If you have done anything that revolves around threats or any violations above to our site, our affiliates, or any of our properties, we are going to see relief within the federal or state courts of London in the United Kingdom. This means that you must consent to this ruling. Any fees will be split between us with the exception of your personal attorney fees.

If the agreement we are trying to reach is unable to be concluded, we must take it to a higher court. This will be the courts within the same place as mentioned above with the exception that the ruling will be done with a binding arbitration via the American Arbitration Association, and any rewarded judgment will be followed that is rendered. This might sound a bit mean, but the things they told us they wanted to do to you were much worse.

Thank goodness for civility!

12. Private information about our affiliates is not allowed to be released.

This also means that we are not allowed to post information about you or your family, so that you can’t contact us and try to help your situation. Just kidding, of course! Don’t ever do that!

We can change things!

We reserve the right to change anything on our page at any given time, with or without consent to you.

You must then agree with this if you continue to use our site at www.besttreadmillsforhome.net.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or cool stuff you’d like to tell us, please use our Contact page.

We updated our Terms of Use last on February 8, 2021.